To bring change to Hartford is built on a strong stance on the issues.

Transforming the Valley Economy

The Valley has gone from being a factory area to being a commuter hub over the past few decades. I seek to bring us into the 21st century.

Technology Advancement

Technology is ever evolving and I plan on making these innovations more readily available to the people of Connecticut.

Waterbury Train Line

The Waterbury Train Line is old, dilapidated, and unreliable. I am pushing to change that.


Tolls would disproportionately injure Valley residents to the benefit of surrounding counties.

Voting Rights

The goal of any democracy is 100% participation. I will take steps to ensure anyone who wishes to vote is able to.

Criminal Justice Reform

Calls for law enforcement reform have been reactionary. I prefer structural changes.

Veterans' Affairs

We don't do enough to help our veterans. I know, because I am one.