Criminal Justice Reform

Black Lives Matter.

That should not be a controversial statement in 2020. However, the murders of so many people - from Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, through Eric Garner and Sandra Bland, to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and countless names in between - by unchecked police authority demonstrate that this still needs to be emphasized.

I’ve made numerous statements and attended numerous marches over the year. These are positive, and cathartic, but I’m not running to make statements, I’m running to push for action that will protect everyone - regardless of race, gender, etc. - from a legal system that has created perverse incentives to hurt people that can’t protect themselves.

  • I favor the legalization of all recreational drugs - at minimum, decriminalization - in an effort to end the War on Drugs, which has destroyed the lives of countless people guilty of arbitrary crimes that strip no one of their lives or liberties.
  • I vow to work towards eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines to give judges leeway to grant clemency towards those with unique personal circumstances.
  • I will work to completely eliminate cash bail, the regressive system that keeps people locked up based on their ability to pay. This makes bad situations worse by causing those affected to lose their jobs, trapping them in a downward spiral.
  • I will strive to ensure that resources are adequately distributed towards preventative measures. Police authority is a hammer in search of a nail, and this will ensure that the police are not called for things they are ill-equipped to handle, such as mental health checks and “broken windows” policing. This will benefit residents and the police by focusing the use of authority in cases where it’s critical.

Most importantly, I will ensure that I will vote against any addition to the Connecticut Statutes that criminalizes any action that doesn’t directly involve stripping a victim of their life, liberty or personal property. Any enforcement of the law is predicated around the use of force to derive coercion. By eliminating "victimless" crimes, we will narrow the reasons where force is authorized or applicable.