The Valley has enormous untapped potential in the technology sector. We were a factory town in the prior decades, and while the manufacturing industry has changed since its' heyday, we can transform the area with the manufacturing of the 21st century economy.

Tech economy

Moving the Valley Economy Forward:

  • Provide financial incentives to bring in companies that specialize in cellular and network technologies. What is colloquially known as "5G" will revolutionize how we use the internet, and by becoming a leader in that technology, we will not only bring diverse jobs to the Valley, but other businesses - higher end retail, restaurants, etc. - will come in as our population and incomes increase and our high-end workers no longer have to go to Hartford and Fairfield Counties to work.
  • Improve the Waterbury Line to promote commutation into the Valley.
  • Doing the long and arduous work of getting grants to remediate brownfields, a particularly thorny issue for development in Seymour and Beacon Falls.

The Valley is a "bedroom community" of people who work in other places. I will work to make that idea a thing of the past.