The towns of the 105th district are what is called a “bedroom community”: a community of people who get up, commute out of the area to work, and then come home just in time to eat and get to bed. As a man who works in Norwalk, I understand this all too well: before the COVID-19 lockdowns forced people in my line of work to work from home, I was spending over two hours a day driving to and from my office.

That this drive is often accomplished on roads that are some of the worst rated in the country makes it that much more frustrating, as I and others in my situation watch money fly out of our wallets for car repairs for tires, shocks and struts, realignments, etc.

In light of that, opposition to tolls has been a bedrock position of our community, and it’s a view I share. Every existing plan put out by Hartford sought to disproportionately punish New Haven County by forcing us to pay above our fair share for road repairs, essentially making the act of going to work in Hartford and Fairfield Counties not worth it.

My toll platform is simple:

  • Any discussion regarding tolls MUST include both a second track for the Waterbury Line, and the updating of the Waterbury Line to include electrified rails.
  • Without the above, any discussion about tolls is a non-starter.

If Hartford is going to push for tolls, we must push for alternative ways to safely and effectively commute.