I’m an idealist when it comes to democracy and voting.


My ideal is that candidates put their views out there, and what they believe in, and that 100% of people who are eligible to vote make an informed, educated decision on who to represent them.

Unfortunately, that ideal is obscured by rose colored glasses. Republicans are on record as saying that limiting voter participation is the way to stay in power. All nationwide efforts to limit voters are aimed at groups - lower income, minority, etc. - that statistically vote Democrat. Connecticut is not immune, with local politicians Jason Perillo (R-Shelton) and Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) leading the lawsuit to stop increased efforts to allow absentee ballots in light of COVID-19.

If I am elected to represent the 105th district, I will fight for the following items:

  • I will submit a day-one bill to make Election Day a paid holiday.
    • Assuming that bill doesn’t come to reality, I will fight for expanded ballot access outside of Election Day. Forcing people in service industries to take a Tuesday off to go and vote is beyond the pale.
  • I will fight to increase access to absentee ballots to ensure that people without reliable transportation are still able to participate in our election system.
  • I will fight to ensure that polling stations are proportionally available based on geography.

In the year 2020, I can - with a device I carry in my pocket - order groceries, file my taxes, and do the majority of my professional work efficiently. There is no reason to stand in line outside of a polling station on a weekday in the modern era, and protests to the contrary ignore every study regarding voting access that’s been taken in the past couple of decades.